BouMatic / BouMatic Robotics partner of European Holstein Championship -  Colmar 2016 (30 may 2016)


BouMatic / BouMatic Robotics is the exclusive sponsor in the milking equipment category of the European Holstein Championship which will take place in Colmar/France on June 17, 18 and 19, 2016. The European Championship is the most prestigious competition of the Holstein breed and more than 20,000 visitors are expected.


Open Farm Doors

During this competition, some fifteen dairy farms, eleven of which equipped with BouMatic milking parlors or robots, will invite the general public to their Open Doors. If you plan to visit one of these farms, reservations are required. More information is available on the Colmar 2016

99% of dairy farmers say: automatic milking and pasturing is possible (5 november 2015)


Automatic milking can be successfully combined with pasturing. This conclusion has been endorsed by over 99% of the 500 dairy farmers participating in the Robot & Meadows Project. In addition, 27% state that framework conditions on farms must be suitable. The most important framework conditions include the attention that the dairy farmer is willing and able to devote to pasturing, the available home pasture and the occupancy rate of the automatic milking system.

The statistics were presented today during the Robot & Meadows Project closing symposium. The most important area for dairy farmers using pasture-based automatic milking systems is cow traffic: cow traffic leaving the milking parlour so that cows can quickly and independently move to the pasture in order to consume sufficient fresh grass; and cow traffic entering the milking parlour to maintain the number of milkings.

Wageningen UR, in collaboration with DLV Advies, PPP-Agro Advies and Valacon, has developed five Robot & Meadows concepts for five different types of dairy farming companies. The common thread running through all of these concepts is regularity. Entry to the pasture, creep feeding cows, collecting stragglers, aligning the settings of the milking robot properly and consistency gives the cows a sense of stability. All of these aspects are included in the concepts in a comprehensive 24-hour schedule. One unusual element in the schedule includes making sure that the feed bunk is empty one or two hours before the cows are allowed to go outside. This ensures that the cows consume enough fresh grass during the time that they are put out to pasture.

Pasturing systems that combine well with automatic milking are systems in which cows are offered a new paddock daily. For smaller home pastures the system of rotating standing pastures has been developed. The home pasture is divided into three blocks that are subsequently split into five paddocks. Over a 3-week period, the cows are offered a new paddock within a block every day, where they are able to consume the growth from the previous five days. As part of the Robot & Meadows Project, 100 dairy farmers have successfully applied the system.

The Robot & Meadows project is an initiative of Duurzame Zuivelketen (Sustainable Dairy Chain) and ZuivelNL (DairyNL) and was conducted by Stichting Weidegang in collaboration with Wageningen UR and partners.

The cows in the new barn (23 July 2015)

July 13th, 2015 was the big day. The cows went to the new barn and the farmer started milking with the 3 MR-S1 milking robots. The cows really had to get used to new situation. A new barn, more light, more space and a new kind of cow mattresses.

3 x Milking robot MR-S1

Afterthought Open day Family Ruijter (3 July 2015)

On June 20, Boumatic Robotics organized an Open day in Holland. It was in the village called Warmenhuizen, where for the first time the doors of the new 0-6-0 free stall barn opened to all interested parties. With over a 1000 visitors, the open day was more than successful. The new barn with 3 MR-S1 BouMatic Robotics milking robots will be commissioned over two weeks. BouMatic Robotics wants to thank all companies, stakeholders, guests and the family Ruijter for their commitment and advent. If you have any questions regarding this open day please do not hesitate to contact us.

BouMatic Robotics & Pasturing (11 may 2015)

Spring is upon us once again, and many dairy farmers, including several BouMatic Robotics users, already have their cows out to pasture.

BouMatic Robotics and Pasturing

In 2014 the Duurzame Zuivelketen (Sustainable Dairy Chain) started the “Robot & Meadow” project. The aim of this project is to learn how milking with an automatic milking system can be successfully combined with pasturing. The accumulated experiences are converted into strategies and rules of thumb that can be deployed by other dairy farmers and their consultative environment.

BouMatic Robotics supports the “Robot & Meadow” project as it deems animal welfare and natural cow behaviour paramount.

Moreover, a number of Dutch dairy farmers with a BouMatic Robotics milking robot are also participating in the “Robot & Meadow” project.

The Van Erp family in Midwolda is one of four dairy farmers that is selected for a more detailed aspect within the “Robot & Meadow” project. By means of various meetings with their immediate network (advisers and agricultural advisers), they will look into what one another’s roles are, or could be, in order to make the combination of robotic milking & pasturing a success.

The Van Erp family’s cows were put out to pasture on 12 April 2015. The doors of the meadow selection gate open daily at 13:00 pm and by around 14:45 pm all the cows are out in the meadow. Via the meadow selection gate and robot selection the BouMatic Robotics software ensures the right cows are allowed outside. During the grazing season weather conditions and grass growth are forecast. The goal is to allow the cows as much access to the meadow as possible.

As a milking robot supplier BouMatic Robotics can optimally prepare for these developments.

With the MR-S1 and the MR-D1 milking robot, the corresponding products as well as the software, BouMatic Robotics offers state-of-the-art selection opportunities. The MR-S1 milking robot is equipped with entrances and exits on both sides, thus enabling cow selection for pasturing.

If you are interested in, or have questions concerning, “Robot & Meadow” at your company, please feel free to contact us. BouMatic Robotics is on hand to advise you.

Throughout the duration of the “Robot & Meadow” project with the Van Erp family, BouMatic Robotics will keep you up-to-date via its online media channels.

De Jong & Van der Heide (5 May 2015)

BouMatic Robotics received several installation pictures from "De Jong & Van der Heide Inc." from Steeves Mountain, NB, Canada. They’ve started milking with the MR-S1 milking robot in the beginning of February this year. We would like to thank Jens van der Heide and his colleagues for sharing their positive experience with us!

SR-1 in California  (13 january 2015)

From 10 - 12 February 2015, the spray robot SR-1 will be shown for the first time at The World Ag Expo in “Tulare”, California. The SR-1 is a fast, durable and efficient spray robot system. The purpose of the SR1 is to care for and/or prevent infection of the cow’s udder meticulously immediately after milking.

The World Ag Expo is the largest agricultural exposition of its kind, with more than 1,500 exhibitors who display cutting-edge agricultural technology and equipment on 2.6 million square feet of show grounds.

The SR-1 can be viewed on the booth of BouMatic “South Exhibits DS87 en DS88”.


International Agri-Center
4500 South Laspina Street
Tulare, California

We are very proud  (10 april 2014)

BouMatic Robotics milking robot MR-S1 number 200 was produced on 10 April 2014. This calls for a celebration! Since the first commercial robot was installed in the field in September 2011, BouMatic Robotics has grown tremendously. And will continue to grow. The future is looking bright! And we are, together with our BouMatic Robotics dealers, looking forward to that!

A Hearty Welcome!  (9 september 2013)

You are looking at the new BouMatic Robotics website! On air since 9 September 2013. All in accordance with our newly implemented BouMatic Robotics house style. With lots of photos, lots of information and up-to-date news. So that you always know what is happening where in relation to BouMatic Robotics, its dealers and its clients. But also developments and news items. Things we would not like you to miss.



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