• One unit

    The MR-S1 and the MR-D1 both consist of one unit and so are easy and quick to install. Hardly any building alterations are necessary. Whether the cowshed be old or new, the milking robots can be paced pretty well anywhere. You only need: milk pipes, electricity, air pipes, water and an internet connection.
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  • Technology

    BouMatic Robotics has specialized knowledge and years of experience with milking technology thanks to close collaboration with BouMatic, which has been world leader in milk systems and hygiene products for 65 years. See also "history".

  • Durability

    Each milking robot is robustly built, ensuring it can be used in the toughest of environments. Superior quality, uncomplicated manufacture and long life characterize the milking robot and ensure low maintenance costs.
    Most parts are made from stainless steel. If required the fences can also be delivered in stainless steel finish.

  • Flexibility

    If required the milking robot can be moved to within the cowshed or to another cowshed after installation. In that case hardly any building alterations are necessary either. You only need: milk pipes, electricity, water, air pipes and an internet connection.

  • Compact

    The milking robot's operating area is completely closed off and provided with a ventilation system. In this way the milking robot conforms to specifications set by both government and dairy factories.
    Due to the clear and spacious layout of the technical area all components are easily accessed. The system is hygienic, advanced and entirely remote controlled via computer, Smartphone and iPad.

  • Maintenance

    The ingeniously designed system of the MR-S1 and MR-D1 excels in simplicity and reliability. The hydraulic system ensures high reliability and low maintenance costs.
    the user can carry out minor maintenance easily, not only because components are easily accessible, but also due to the clear and spacious layout of the technical area.

  • Hydraulic

    The hydraulic operation of the connecting arm ensures it is robust and very accurate. Operation makes use of the newest PLC-technology. Connecting the teat cups is done using the most modern camera technology. The cameras, combined with a laser, define the exact position of the separate nipples.

  • The cow's welfare

    The cow is comfortable and stays calm thanks to the new robot. Because the robot arm approaches from behind and milking is done between the hind legs, the cow is not distracted and has a calm experience. Besides this the cow has an unobstructed view to the cowshed through the open frame and so imagines that it is still among the herd. The cow receives concentrated feed during milking. The combination of these factors, together with pre-milking, promotes a speedy and complete milk supply.
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  • Routing with MR-S1, single stall one cow

    Very free movement of cows can be had with the MR-S1. By integrating the selection possibilities there is no need for extra fences and gates. The milk robot is supplied with entrances and exits on both sides, making cow selection in the milking parlour possible.
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  • Safety

    The cow's safety is guaranteed. Not only is the cow's safety of paramount importance, but also that of the system's user. Because the robot arm is situated behind the milking part it is protected against damage caused by the cow. The cow can hardly kick the teat cups free.
    Besides this both the MR-S1 and the MR-D1 can be safely connected to a cow manually from within the technical area if necessary or if required.


Plug & play

Important to know: Each milking robot is thoroughly tested in its entirety in the factory and so can be installed plug & play. So each milking robot leaves the factory in working condition. The milking robot can be operating in the cowshed within a few hours.


Prevent problems

A good cowshed environment is good for milk production and the well-being of the cow. Important factors are: good feed, clean water, a good temperature, fresh air and healthy hooves. This can prevent all sorts of problems, such as mastitis and chafing.



It is very important to take into account cow traffic routes in the cowshed layout. Simple and open routes ensure that traffic goes smoothly and the cows are at ease. This improves milk production. Being calm means namely less adrenaline, greater supply of oxytocin and consequently greater milk supply. So the fact that the MR-S1 stimulates smooth cow traffic means it is very important for a higher milk production. Besides this the cowshed layout is important for the comfort and well-being of the cow. After all, this promotes the cow's productivity again and the milk's quality.



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