Every sale includes special training for the dairy farmer. This training is supplied by users of our milking robots. These people have practical experience and know better than anyone else how things work on a dairy farm as they have one or more BouMatic Robotics robots themselves. During the training there are not only elaborate instructions related to the milking robot, but especially management in and around the cowshed. All these factors taken together ensure that the milking robot will function successfully.

After the training the dairy farmer knows how to work with the robot problem-free, he knows all the ins and outs of working with the milking robot. After that the dairy farmer is intensively assisted during start-up of the milking robot on his/her own dairy farm and helped with the training of his/her herd.


An important part of the training is of course both daily and minor maintenance of the machine. Our robots are built to simplify maintenance, partly automatic and partly by the dairy farmer himself. Parts are easily obtainable. If maintenance is carried out regularly, it will extend the life of the milking robot and help prevent breakdowns. Your agent can give you a maintenance and service contract, so you are can be sure the robot will be checked annually, quarterly. Should there be an unexpected breakdown, the dealer can be contacted via the hotline 24 hours a day and is ready to solve the breakdown as soon as possible.

Your trainer: Jan de Haan


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