Careful production process

BouMatic Robotics products are developed, produced and supported entirely in-house. Because BouMatic Robotics does everything itself, it can operate flexibly and the highest quality can be continually guaranteed.

In its own 5000 m2 factory in Emmeloord, in the centre of the Netherlands, the various systems are built and assembled. Here a team of experts passionately manufactures the robots with great precision. The BouMatic Robotics standards system ensures that quality is safeguarded and that the client is guaranteed a perfectly functioning end product. Each robot leaves the factory completely tested and is ´plug and play´.

Revolutionary vision

The technology is being developed all the time. just as the wishes and needs of the end user. We are able to offer more and more efficient and animal-friendly systems by taking the initiative and accepting the challenge.

BouMatic Robotics has a team of robot engineers and scientific researchers with a passion for milk production and robotization. This department is continually looking for product development. This means in practice that the end user gets a lot of concrete advantages.


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